Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fotos De Meninas Nuas

Vitamins ... LUDOVICO

Alex Grotto on Vitaminic, tells us:

The more you know: in high school I had a passion for insects and kept in a terrarium room with peat to raise a colony of crickets and have discovered that they could die because of the mites that lay their eggs on their heads and wings. Be smaller act as symbionts for the larger ones, slowly draining stuff that Steve Albini would make a treaty on the value index and the underground, I will gladly do without. The All Night Crickets Died introduces the return, after a year and passes spent in the studio writing and reinvent themselves, the Mauve and sound (the album title, not the disk itself) a bit 'as a divine omen that marks the end of something: in this case I would say the abandonment of composure and limitations of the classical wave-form song, the way we were (well) used to digest, to tack on an experience focused on the living room reverberation noise. Everything is perfectly designed to exceed previous records of the feelings and adapt to new realities without disturbing or foreign disastrously, on the edge of a cure manic mix for a smooth transition can be seen in a handful of beautiful pieces that make up the backbone in my view a disc more than good: the combo with historical background and literary Ahab-Louis holds everything and makes me feel great with a shot crazy, rude parenthesis Grasshopper increases the thickness and the two parts of The Solitude Of The Ship open and close the tracklist in a climate of absolute results. The evolution suffered by the band seems to bring on the right track, there is no time and space for the tacky and this is synonymous with elegance always appreciated. We must hold on to records like this without letting the last cricket is forced to die by force: the silence that would have very serious damage would result.


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